Trenchless Technology of TN

Trenchless Technology of TN

Trenchless Technology of Tennessee

Our sister corporation, Trenchless Technology of TN, allows us to extend the latest technologies to correct drain line and potable water line issues.

Drain Line

Drain Line: Our cure in place piping (CIPP) allows us to identify, evaluate and repair a wide array of drain line problems. Including the inserting of epoxy linings inside drain pipes that actually create a pipe within a pipe. Costly, damaging dig-ups are eliminated and corrective repairs are faster, reducing costs for the client.

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Potable Pipe Lining

This exciting, new technology allows us to clean and coat the interior of potable water systems, fire protection systems, recirculation systems and many other applications creating a long life repair barrier coating that virtually eliminates damaging pipe removal and replacement. For further info, see our contact page.