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Plumbing Services From Plumbing Specialists

Plumbing services from commercial, foodservice, industrial and institutional plumbing specialists

Environmental Drain & Plumbing's origins are deeply rooted in the successful use of biological products to maintain drain line, grease traps and related plumbing within the food service industry. It is estimated that grease and oil cause between 40 and 70 percent of all drain line problems and many of the odor problems. These problems cost businesses thousands of dollars each year, and can bring your daily business to a sudden halt. With new wastewater regulations, the safe and proper disposal of grease accumulation has become a major concern for food service establishments.

Environmental Drain & Plumbing offers live-vegetative bacteria services that digest fats, oils and greases preventing problematic issues with drain line backups and grease trap pump outs. Serving the industry since 1991 with hundreds of satisfied customers to attest to our success.

We interface with local wastewater authorities to keep our clients in compliance with ever changing regulations. In addition to solving your fats or oil and grease issue, our solution also reduces pass through grease that plagues municipal collection systems.

Municipalities recognize our successful drain line management system as a viable alternative to conventional routing of grease waste lines and pumping and disposal of grease wastes. Our products are Lab certified to contain no added enzymes or emulsifiers that could have a negative effect on the environment and they carry the US EPA Design for the Environment seal of approval.

Call today to discuss a free consultation and evaluation to identify your grease waste management needs.

Pipe Lining

Trenchless Technology, our sister corporation, offers specialized technologies to correct drain line and potable water issues.

Drain Line: Our cure in place piping (CIPP) allows us to identify, evaluate and repair a wide array of drain line problems. Including the inserting of epoxy linings inside drain pipes that actually create a pipe within a pipe. Costly, damaging dig-ups are eliminated and corrective repairs are faster, reducing costs for the client.

Environmental Drain & Plumbing, Inc., is a leader in the use of advanced technologies to diagnose and correct a wide array of plumbing issues.